House Representatives

House Director: Tomoko Marshall
Programs Facilitator: Alex Misbach
Area Coordinator (LHC): John Cheney
Senior Resident: Devon Williams
Resident Advisor: Augustus Huang

Language Group Contact Professors

American Sign Language (ASL):  Gregory Propp
Arabic: Suad Mohamed
Chinese: Kou Yupeng
German: Christina Neuhaus
Japanese: Tomomi Sato
Korean: Yoon Hwa Choi
Persian: Mahshad Mohit
Russian: Anna Borovskaya-Ellis

Language Assistants (LA)

American Sign Language (ASL):​ Christina Kim
Arabic: Rana Abdel-Rahman
Chinese: Minsi “Rainy” Sun
German: Molly Magoffin
Japanese: Yasuhiro Son
Korean: Jinnie Park
Persian: Parnia Ashari
Russian: Valeria Provotorova

Shea House Government

Communications: Ayah Mahdi (ASL) & Jennifer Vo (Korean)

Cultural: Zhuoran Li (Japanese), Diana Renelt (Russian), & Chelsea Wells (Japanese)

Financial: Preetha Ganapathy

Department Coordinators

Department Coordinator: Tomoko Marshall
DEALLC: Elena Zemmel
MESALC: Cameron Clayton 

Shea House Reservation Form

House Constitution

The House Constitution

This is a student created and amended document that serves to:

  • facilitate linguistic immersion in one of several selected world languages
  • promote culture consistent with the experience of speakers of that language
  • increase awareness and understanding of global culture, especially of the represented languages

Take a look and see how this government runs!

2017-2018 Shea House Government Minutes
2016-2017 Shea House Government Minutes