Language Staff

Faculty Advisor: Greg Propp


Language Assistant: Abby Keatts 


Abby, wearing a pink blouse with multicolored flowers, posing for a headshot at the Rotunda

Hi! I’m Abby and I graduate student in the School of Medicine getting my Master of Public Health with a policy, law, and ethics concentration. I recently graduated from UVA with a Bachelor's degree in Leadership and Public Policy. I have always been interested in ASL but didn’t officially start learning it until coming to UVA. Since then, I have taken all of the language classes and some electives. I lived in Shea House during my second year, but it got cut short thanks to Covid, so I am super excited to get back into living at Shea and interacting with everyone! Outside of my classes, I am a research assistant for two labs, and am involved with DEAFS. I’m super excited to be the language assistant this year and can’t wait to learn alongside others who are passionate about ASL. My goal is for everyone to learn more about ASL and become more comfortable with the language and Deaf culture, while also fostering an environment that supports growth!

Feel free to contact me at (757)344-5760 or