Student Government

Shea House Self Government...

is designed to give students 1) an opportunity to directly influence life at Shea 2) the chance to gain new experiences that will help them develop new skills and professional experience 3) receive the support of the university to realize their own ideas. What this looks like in action is a group of task teams working together to produce a Shea House newsletter to let the wider community know about what is happening at Shea, inviting and talking to guests on the Shea House podcast  about their experiences learning new languages and adapting to new cultures, presenting these materials and capturing the essence of life at Shea via Shea House social media accounts, and any other idea or initiative that residents want to see realized.

Residents who are interested in these or any other creative projects should contact the PF about bringing these projects to fruition. Sign ups for these task teams begin in August of the new school year.

  • The Shea House Podcast (2-3 people)- Talking to community members about their experiences with learning languages and adapting to new cultures
  • The Shea Newsletter & Photographer (2-3 people) - Gathering the highlights of life at Shea to share with the rest of the community
  • Shea Media Manager (1-2 people) - Sharing about life at Shea with the rest of the UVA and great community


House Constitution

The House Constitution

This is a student created and amended document that serves to:

  • facilitate linguistic immersion in one of several selected world languages
  • promote culture consistent with the experience of speakers of that language
  • increase awareness and understanding of global culture, especially of the represented languages

Take a look and see how this government runs!

2017-2018 Shea House Government Minutes

2016-2017 Shea House Government Minutes