Faculty Contact: Suad Mohamed

Language Assistant: Abrar Majidi Idrissi

Language Hour: Mondays 8-9PM 

Dinner Conversational: 

Monday: 6:30-7pm
Tuesday: 6:30-7pm
Wednesday: 6:30-7pm
Thursday: 6:30-7pm


My name is Abrar and I am a fourth year majoring in Mathematics. Arabic is a big part of my personal and professional life, and I am excited to share that with my Arabic residents this year! Growing up in an Moroccan household, I am familiar with both the "Darija"(Morrocan Dialect) and Modern Standard Arabic.  On grounds, I am on the Symposium Committee for the Undergraduate Research Network. My goal this year is for residents to gain confidence in their conversational abilities through our daily dinner meetings, and improve their familiarity and understanding of different nuances in the Arabic language during our weekly language hours. Looking forward to a great year!