Resident Application and LA Application for 2024-25 (Deadline Nov. 6 2023)

NOTE: Residents apply through the Housing portal. LAs should download the application on this page and follow the instructions on it. The Late Application is available here. Instructions for its submission are included in the application.

The available language pods to apply to are: American Sign Language, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian

Residents must submit the Shea House application directly to the housing department's website. The application period for the 2024-2025 academic year is Oct. 1st - Nov. 6th. Please refer to the FAQ page if you have any questions. If your question on resident selection has not been answered, please contact the faculty representative of the language program you are applying to. All other inquiries should be addressed to the House Director, Tomoko Marshall.

2024-2025 application flier


Language Assistant Application

Shea House seeks Language Assistants (LAs) to live and work in the various language blocks. LAs must have either native or near-native fluency in the block's language. LAs receive free room and board in the Shea House. Duties require approximately 5 hours per week and include:

  • running a weekly "corner" or "table" for one hour in which all residents in the language group are required to participate.
  • engaging in dinner conversations with your language group for approximately half an hour per night, Monday through Thursday.
  • organizing cultural events for Shea House residents, and coordinating the events with other Language Assistants and House Staff.

In addition, each LA will meet with their Language Coordinator on a biweekly basis to discuss upcoming activities. LAs as a group will meet with the House Director on a biweekly basis to review past and future activities, and will participate in biweekly meetings of the Shea House Government.

The application for the position of Language Assistant can be downloaded here.


LA applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are due by Nov. 6 2023