Language Staff

Faculty Contact: Ying Gao

Language Assistant: Helen Dong

Hi! I am Shea House Chinese Floor’s LA, Helen Dong. I am a 3rd year in the comm school. Although I was born in the U.S., my mother tongue is actually Chinese, because I lived in China until I started kindergarten. As LA, I hope I can create a comfortable environment so my residents (kids) can be more comfortable with speaking Mandarin and using the language!   

嗨! 我是Shea House中文层的LA,董晓冰。我是在商院的大三学生。虽然我是在美国出生的,我的母语其实是汉语,因为我在中国呆了四年,幼儿园开学之前才回美国的。英语才是我的第二语言。作为LA,我希望我能建立一个舒适的环境,让我的“孩子们”能更自在的讲普通话和运用这个语言!