Pod Events

Weekly Dinner Meetings:

Monday: 6:15 PM

Tuesday:  6:30 PM

Wednesday: 5:30 PM

Thursday: 6:15 PM

Language Corners:

Time: Fridays at 6:00 PM


1/19/24 - Welcome Back Karaoke: We sang and listened to a few popular Japanese songs and at the end, we listened to a few Japanese folk/lullaby songs. 

1/26/24 - We made oshiruko and zenzai (they are both very similar dessert dishes commonly ate around new years). We learned the differences between them and had a great time cooking in Japanese. 

2/9/24 - We made mizuhiki (a form of knot tying) and made door decorations! We had a lot of fun trying to do different forms of knot tying while learning about its history.

2/16/24 - We learned about the differences and similarities of Valentine's Day in Japan vs. America. We then made tomo choco and learned about the different types of chocolate given out on Valentine's Day in Japan. 

FALL 2023 

9/1/23 - We made charaben (character bentos) for dinner, based on characters we liked. We had a lot of fun!

9/8/23 - We made a video letter replying to Japanese middle schoolers

9/15/23 - We learned about Yuru chara which are mascot characters usually created to promote an area or a region. With the remaining time, we started designing our own Japanese floor sweatshirts! 

9/22/23 - We played Jinrou (人狼), a Japanese version of mafia while speaking in Japanese!

9/29/23 - Today was Otsukimi (a moon viewing festival) and we made tsukimi dango. We also went outside and watched the full moon!

10/21/23 - We had our fall semester event: Shea Matsuri! We made origami, ate onigiri and even drew some calligraphy!


10/27/23 - We made another video responding to Japanese middle schoolers. This time we had a discussion about the differences in American and Japanese education!

11/3/23 - We played a kahoot to learn about the difference between 和食 and 洋食!

11/10/23 - We made two different desserts to learn about how the cooking styles are different between a 和食 dessert (ichigo daifuku) and a 洋食 dessert (purin).

11/17/23 - We played a jeopardy like game in Japanese about all of the language corners and events that happened at Shea this fall semester!

2022 - 2023 

8/28 - Our first Language Corner! Aside from doing introductions, we all played a Japanese sushi stacking minigame. It was tons of fun!

LC1 Pic

9/4 - Our second Language Corner. We made a lot or Origami and Kirigami creations together!

Origami Pic 1

Origami Pic 2

9/11 - Our third Language Corner. We all made and ate tsukimi-dango.


9/18 - On this Language Corner, we did Shiritori games (both regular and e-shiritori) as a group


9/25 - On this Language Corner We all tried Japanese Calligraphy

LC5_1 LC5_2


2/19- On this Language Corner We all made Yakisoba

Yakisoba_2 Yakisoba