Back to Grounds ('23)

Welcome (back) to Shea House! 


New and Returning Residents:

This year at Shea we will have lots of new residents, for whom life at Shea will be a new experience. Please take the time to read through the Resident Guide and to make sure to respond to all of your LA's messages before you arrive on campus. You will have 30-minute (or more) language dinners M-Th sometime between 5:30-7. Hour-long language corners will happen weekly at a mutually agreed upon time. Move-in dates are managed by Housing and they should be contacted directly if you have any requests/special accommodations. 

Covid Concerns:

As it stands we expect that the Fall 2023  semester will begin and proceed as it would have in pre-Covid years. 

UVA's Student Health and Wellness ( Homepage | Student Health and Wellness ( remains the primary resource for Covid related concerns. Quarantine housing is no longer an option supported by the University, however you can reach out to if you have extenuating circumstances. Your RAs and SRs remain an open resource for concerns and we encourage students to reach out to them for help when needed. 

Please consult the links below for general information on move-in details, requirements and dates. Any questions on your specific move-in date should be addressed directly to housing ASAP.

HRL resources:

Fall 2023 Move-In: