Day in a life of the German Pod! Check out how residents like living in Shea House and what their weekly life looks like! :)

- Video edited by Devon Gildea

German pod language hour
Nikolaustag semester event
German pod language corner

German pod has been present in Shea House since 2017.

The German pod has returned for the 2022-2023 year after its brief hiatus, and encourages your applications!

To view information about the current Language Assistant, Faculty Representative, and Pod Events, use the links on the left side navigation bar (at the bottom of the page on mobile). 

German Election Brunch September 26

September 26th German Election Sunday Brunch


Aug 31, 2021 Wir haben mehrere Runden Werwolf gespielt und haben die Ansager gewechselt! 

Gemeinsames Abendessen

Sep 9, 2021 Gemeinsames Abendessen!

Hausgemachte Maultaschen

Sep 12, 2021 Hausgemachte Maultaschen für das Deutsch-Russiche Fest.