LIVING IN SHEA: How do I make a room reservation request for an event in the Shea House?


Events must be open to all Shea residents or a language program. The event organizer must also partner with a language program.

In order to make a room reservation request within the Shea House, you must fill out this Google Form. There are two rooms in the Shea House available to internal and external groups for reservations, the Classroom (outside of class hours) and the Dining Room (outside of dining hours). Additionally, individuals or groups hoping to use either space within the Shea House must agree to the Shea House Reservation Policy, which reads:

You may use the Shea House Classroom/Dining Room so long as you respect the fire code, which limits the amount of people that the room may hold, and do not cook on site. If any garbage is left the room will not be made available to your group in the future. Please bring your own trash bags and remove these trash bags after your event. If you are using the Dining Room, you may not touch/use/move any of the appliances (serving stations/card swipe station) used by dining (you may move the tables so long as they are put back in their original places). If you are using the Classroom, it must be returned to or kept in its original state so as not to disturb classes that take place there during the academic year. If you host an event involving food, we ask that you not leave leftovers in the Shea House after the end of your event. If the Shea House needs the space we reserve the right to contact you and cancel your reservation.

Please also refer to in regards to the fire code.