Living in Shea: How do I post an add/announcement to the lobby monitor?

Adds and announcements should first be approved by the PF. Once approved, the must be turned into a file with the following specifications:

  • Image must be in 3840 x 2160 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Only landscape orientation submissions can be used.

Once you have created your file:

  1. Save the image as a JPEG, PNG, or BMP file type.
  2. Name the file using the following format:
    1. For outside HRL organizations: OrganizationName_LastName_Start.Post.Date_End.Post.Date
    2. For RAs, SRs, and RLLT members: AssociationName_LastName_Start.Post.Date_End.Post.Date
    3. For example, a file titled HRL_Mendoza_8.15.21_8.16.21 would be posted from August 15th to the 16th.
LIVING IN SHEA: How do I make a room reservation request for an event in the Shea House?

Events must be open to all Shea residents or a language program. The event organizer must also partner with a language program.

In order to make a room reservation request within the Shea House, you must fill out this Google Form. There are two rooms in the Shea House available to internal and external groups for reservations, the Classroom (outside of class hours) and the Dining Room (outside of dining hours). Additionally, individuals or groups hoping to use either space within the Shea House must agree to the Shea House Reservation Policy, which reads:

You may use the Shea House Classroom/Dining Room so long as you respect the fire code, which limits the amount of people that the room may hold, and do not cook on site. If any garbage is left the room will not be made available to your group in the future. Please bring your own trash bags and remove these trash bags after your event. If you are using the Dining Room, you may not touch/use/move any of the appliances (serving stations/card swipe station) used by dining (you may move the tables so long as they are put back in their original places). If you are using the Classroom, it must be returned to or kept in its original state so as not to disturb classes that take place there during the academic year. If you host an event involving food, we ask that you not leave leftovers in the Shea House after the end of your event. If the Shea House needs the space we reserve the right to contact you and cancel your reservation.

Please also refer to http://www.virginia.edu/housing/safety.php?id=fire in regards to the fire code. 

APPLYING: I want to be released from my housing contract. What do I need to do?
According to the Accommodation office, you need to find a student who does not already live in University Housing and who does not already have a contract, who is willing to take over their space. Since the departments are not involved in contract related questions or concerns, the Accommodation office will assist you with any question you may have about your contract.
APPLYING: Can I apply just for the Spring semester?
Yes. Since some residents leave the Shea House to study abroad in the second semester, you can actually apply just for the second semester. However, this possibility is based on the availability of space in the house. When you submit the application form to the designated department, please make sure to indicate that you are only interested in the Spring semester. The application is on a rolling basis until all rooms are filled. Some students can move in for the second semester if a room is available.
LIVING IN SHEA: What do I do if I have problems with my roommate or any other personal issues?
Please see the Resident Advisor and/or the Senior Resident. One of the roles of the RA is to act as a peer advisor and assist residents in resolving concerns or problems. Depending on the issue, the RA or SR may refer you to the House Director.
LIVING IN SHEA: How does the 3000H course work?
All residents (not the language assistants) are required to sign up for 3001H/3002H course and receive up to two credits. This works as a reward system for residents who have been seriously involved in the Shea house (floor activities, communal events etc.). However, all residents are required to speak the target language all the time at his or her best abilities, to enroll in a 3000-level 1 credit hour course (CR/NC) which residents earn by participating to the language activities such as casual conversation at daily dinners (Mon-Thu) and weekly language corners organized by the Language Assistant. Regular attendance and participation is expected of all residents and 70% or higher will be considered as CR.  
LIVING IN SHEA: What are the expectations for Shea House residents?
All residents are expected to participate regularly, throughout the year, in the language and cultural activities organized by the language assistant and the program faciliator of the Shea House. All residents also should understand that the Shea House will constitute its own government. The Shea House community works together to facilitate a quality language experience both in and outside of the House. Residents will sign a Roles and Expectations form at the beginning of the Fall semester to confirm their commitment to the language immersion experience.
APPLYING: I'll be returning to the Shea House next year. Do I have a higher priority to get a room or roommate of my choice?
There is no guarantee as to which room you'll get in a following year. Since single rooms are very limited and the number of beds (as well as floors) assigned to each language possibly changes from year to year, seniority rule will not always be valid in the Shea House. 
APPLYING: Can I swap rooms or roommates in Shea House?
Switching rooms within the respective language floor is no problem as long as both parties (with signed contracts) agree to change and this is done during the room changing period decided by Housing. Switching rooms without notifying Housing is not allowed.
APPLYING: Can I choose my roommate?

No, you cannot, but you may request your roommate of choice if the student also applied for the same language pod. There is no guarantee that you'll have the roommate of your choice, but the department will try to accommodate the possibility when the initial rooms are assigned.