Living in Shea: How do I post an add/announcement to the lobby monitor?


Adds and announcements should first be approved by the PF. Once approved, the must be turned into a file with the following specifications:

  • Image must be in 3840 x 2160 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio).
  • Only landscape orientation submissions can be used.

Once you have created your file:

  1. Save the image as a JPEG, PNG, or BMP file type.
  2. Name the file using the following format:
    1. For outside HRL organizations: OrganizationName_LastName_Start.Post.Date_End.Post.Date
    2. For RAs, SRs, and RLLT members: AssociationName_LastName_Start.Post.Date_End.Post.Date
    3. For example, a file titled HRL_Mendoza_8.15.21_8.16.21 would be posted from August 15th to the 16th.